Bridger Valley

Historic Bridger Valley is more than just one location. Bridger Valley is comprised of several historic towns, scenic byways, and high-country locations. With something for everyone, Bridger Valley is a great place to spend a day, a week, or a lifetime. We have what makes Wyoming great.


Fort Bridger

Step back into the Old West and discover a small town with an outsized effect on the westward growth of America.

Mountain View

Dubbed the Gateway to the High Uintas, Mountain View is a great place to visit and base your explorations of Bridger Valley.


Lyman is your family destination for fun and adventure. Explore small-town America with a friendly western atmosphere.

Local Adventure


Bridger Valley has trails that are perfect for people of all skill levels. Access to these trails is only possible through Bridger Valley. Explore the trails from easy everyday hikes, to more in-depth adventures. 


Eager to gt out and spend a night under the stars? Bridger Valley is your starting point. With access to a wide range of great camping locations Bridger Valley is your starting point to see the night sky like never before.


Bridger Valley and the Uintas offer great hunting opportunities. Regardless of what you are seeking, you can get close to wildlife, nature, and your quarry. Find out today what Bridger Valley has to offer!


Grab your phone or GPS and head out on a 21 century treasure hunt. Explore the great outdoors while searching for the hidden items.