Snowmobiling is an exhilarating winter adventure that combines the thrill of speed with the breathtaking beauty of snowy landscapes. Maneuvering through powdery trails and across frozen expanses provides an adrenaline rush unlike any other. The roar of the engine, the crisp winter air, and the sight of snowflakes dancing around create a symphony of excitement. Whether zipping through alpine forests or exploring vast, snow-covered fields, snowmobiling offers a unique sense of freedom and exploration.

Zipping through a Winter Wonderland

If you’ve got an itch for adventure in the snow, look no further than our own Uinta Mountains to scratch it. With miles of trails and plenty of powder, you will have the entire long winter season to explore and have fun. Within the Evanston-Mountain View Ranger District, you will find many designated snowmobile trails. We’ll look at just a few here.

The West Fork Smiths Fork Trail is accessed from Mountain View on Highway 410. Travel 8 miles and as the road makes a sharp turn to the west, stay straight onto the gravel road. Pass Stateline Campground, then at China Meadows Campground turn right onto Forest Service Road 073 and the trailhead is near the Hewinta Guard Station. Leashed pets are permitted, but there are a couple of miles of this trail that are in the High Uintas Wilderness Area, so be sure to follow the rules and guidelines found here.

Mistake Road Connect is anything but a mistake. This developed trail is accessed by the Deadhorse Trailhead. Again, from Mountain View, take Highway 410 for 8 miles, travel straight when the road makes a sharp right turn onto the graveled Uinta County Road 283 to Forest Service Road 072 and follow the signs to Deadhorse Trailhead. Leashed pets are permitted. Another trail accessed from Mountain View and from the China Meadows Trailhead is the Dahlgreen Connect Trail. Leashed pets are permitted.

If you are not so much into “machining,” you can use snowmobiles for pulling tubes around in meadows or for hauling tubers back up a hill. China Meadows is a great place for this type of activity. However, it is important to remember that as with all outdoor activities there are inherent risks. Please read Winter Safety & Etiquette from the Forest Service website. Please be familiar with avalanche danger and safety ( and be prepared with proper equipment and survival gear. Never recreate alone and make sure someone knows your whereabouts and plans. Stay hydrated and take care to properly dress and use sunscreen on exposed skin. Be safe and enjoy this beautiful land!


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