Geocaching is a thrilling outdoor adventure that combines the excitement of treasure hunting with the joy of exploration. The thrill lies not only in the discovery of the well-concealed caches but also in the diverse and scenic Bridger Valley locations they lead you to. It’s a delightful blend of technology, outdoor exploration, and the thrill of the hunt, making geocaching an endlessly enjoyable and rewarding pastime for individuals and families alike.

Set Out for a Treasure!

Are you and your family looking for a new hobby? Do you need something fun to do with family coming to visit? Do you like a good, challenging adventures? Are you looking for something fun to do that involves leaving the house but does not involve leaving the area?  Answering “yes” to any of these questions means it is time to discover one more awesome thing to do in beautiful Bridger Valley.

Geocaching is an outdoor activity for small or large groups of people. There are “treasures” (caches) to be found in multiple locations in this area. You decide how many you want to find and how difficult you want the adventure to be. All you need is a GPS-enabled device and/or a geocaching app on your smart phone.

Here is how it typically works with a geocaching app installed on your cell phone: open the app, tap on a cache you would like to find, then walk, bike, or drive to the coordinates. Once you arrive, look around for a box containing the cache. (Don’t give up—the cache could be hidden just out of sight!) Make sure to read the description of the cache. Most apps will show you the difficulty level, the terrain, the size of the cache, the attributes (dogs allowed, availability, time commitment, vehicles allowed, seasons available, etc.), waypoints, and any notes or hints from the person who placed the cache. Some apps even let you message the placer if you have any questions or comments about the treasure.

The three main rules for geocaching are to take something from the box, leave something in its place, and write about it in the logbook. Enjoy looking through the logbook to read what others have added or taken and see how the cache has changed over time. Take some photos to send to the placer and/or share on social media. When everyone plays fair, geocaches can last indefinitely, so remember to be respectful of land and rules. Most importantly, have fun exploring scenic Bridger Valley!


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