Bridger Valley makes it easy to escape to the great outdoors. From “civilized” camping to more rustic accommodations, you can find something for every taste here.

Get Close to Nature

Let your senses awaken as you step out into the cool, crisp air. The Uinta Mountains are magnificently scented with aspen, oak, fir, and many other species of trees. Sounds of meadowlarks singing, crows caw-cawing, the flapping of eagle wings, and the babbling creeks and brooks delight your eardrums. Wild raspberries and strawberries tantalize the tastebuds as you hike the trails, and the sights are indescribable. With shimmering lakes, grasses and flowers, small cascading creeks and swift rivers, wildlife, majestic mountain peaks, and unique rock formations, there is a whole world to see and discover through camping in and near the Uinta Mountains.

From Bridger Valley, Wyoming, to the Henry’s Fork Trailhead, and up to Gunsight Pass on the trail to King’s Peak, enjoy numerous ways to camp, including campgrounds for family fun, forest campsites for hikers and recreators, and dispersed camping for those who really love to connect with nature in the wilderness.

Some good-to-know information is that the area of Bridger Valley and up into the Uinta Mountains goes from a high plains desert to a wilderness area. On the high plains of the Bridger Valley, the elevation is between 6,600 and 7,500 feet, making for long, frigid winters with temperatures plummeting to negative degrees and perfectly cool summers that rarely see above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The area averages 10 inches of annual rainfall (national average is 38 inches) and 46 inches of snow (national average is 28). Since it is a desert area, the plant and vegetation life are limited. Sagebrush prevails.

Within the towns of Bridger Valley, there is the KOA Journey campground (open May 15 to September 30) located in Lyman that boasts a swimming pool, games, cabins, tent sites and camper or RV sites. Another RV option, the Fort Bridger RV Camp, is located in Fort Bridger, and is open year-round. A 6-mile drive from there will get you to the Blacks Fork River Lodge, which has incredible amenities, accommodations, and outdoorsy options, April through November.

Heading South out of Mountain View, in approximately 30 short miles to the Henry’s Fork Trailhead, you will experience not only a climb in elevation to 9,400 feet, but a change of scenery too. From the sparse plains of the Bridger Valley, to the forested vegetation of the High Uinta’s, there is stark contrast. For camping in the forest, there are many wonderfully welcoming campgrounds near lakes, rivers, meadows and trails. The nearest one is the Uinta County Youth Camp, which is loaded with adventure.

Other Uinta/Wasatch/Cache National Forest campgrounds nearby are detailed at the forest service website. Be sure to look for permit and fee areas, know the fire regulations, fishing license fee requirements, firewood permit requirements, water availability, and safety precautions to take while camping in the forest. If you are looking for dispersed camping, please see these guidelines and regulations for doing so here. As always, please be aware of the weather forecast and be prepared for any sudden climate change dangers.

As locals know, camping is a great outdoor adventure, especially in this unrivaled area! Please respect the land, the wildlife, the vegetation, and all park and local range district advisories, laws, and regulations. The Bridger Valley and Uinta Mountains area is a wonder to experience. Please do your part to preserve its integrity for future campers.


Fort Bridger

Step back into the Old West and discover a small town with an outsized effect on the westward growth of America.

Mountain View

Dubbed the Gateway to the High Uintas, Mountain View is a great place to visit and base your explorations of Bridger Valley.


Lyman is your family destination for fun and adventure. Explore small-town America with a friendly western atmosphere.